2 PM/Sunday April 17th/2016

Elemental Forces: Water Signs – Skagafjörður (Peter Hutton/2004), Watersmith (Will Hindle/1969)

2:00 P.M. (MATINEE show) Sunday/April 17/2016
(note this screening will not be at the usual black hole cinematheque location)
150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Oakland,CA 94612

As California begins our hopeful emergence from years of historic drought into the embraces of the seasonal deluge, we take time to look at the work of two filmmakers who cast their lens to the realms of the aquatic with different meditations on the elements as both a chaotic and ordering force.

(Will Hindle, 1969, 32 mins, 16mm)

Will Hindle‘s rarely screened masterful work Watersmith “is a mind movie. Hindle turns his film into a celebration of the freedom of bodies moving through water, the implacable grace of human forms freed from gravity. It ripples between reality and abstraction.”

(Peter Hutton, 2004, 33 mins, 16mm)

Peter Hutton’s Skagafjörður, brings us a series of elliptical observations of the landscapes of northern Iceland coupled with that of the Hudson River. Continuing the unique ways of seeing, the filmmaker has developed, through a decades-long cultivation, a style that couples absorbing the material concreteness of the external landscape with the emotional inner landscape that the films often evoke in the mind of the viewer.

presented in collaboration with Pro Arts.
Both films will be shown on 16mm prints provided by Canyon Cinema Foundation.
FREE and open to the public

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