7:30/June 5th/2016

TOWARD THE CONCRETE: Films and video by Mike Stoltz

(doors at 7:30 PM, film at 8:00 PM)
Sunday/June 5th/ 2016
black hole cinematheque
(email blackholecinema@gmail.com for address)

As part of a series of shows marking the fifth anniversary of public screenings held at our microcinema, black hole cinematheque is very pleased to welcome back Los Angeles filmmaker Mike Stoltz, in person to present a special evening of film and video.
Embarking on a myriad of seemingly divergent lines of inquiry – from the veils of deep Floridian mysteries hidden in the ruins of an esoteric sculptor’s decaying utopia or the flora ensconced monolithic pillars of wellgaurded Aeronautics compounds, to the vibrational mythos of punk band lyrics, a kaleidoscopic dissolution of architectural confines, and the delicate relations of harmony and dissonance – the films of Mike Stoltz find recurrent intersection on a path of profound investigation into fundamental structures and elements that at once define and transcend a material reality. Working with a symbiotic weaving of sound and image and a formal range of the camera apparatus in a way that lays bare the process of filmic construction while simultaneously dissolving it in service to a transformative vision.
(tooth/black hole cinematheque)



In Between (2006/2010, 16mm, 4:00)
An exercise in permeable architecture, an attempt to walk through a wall.

Ten Notes on a Summer’s Day (2012, HD, 4:00)
We could be anywhere but we’re right here, humming along.

With Pluses and Minuses (2013, 16mm, 5:00)
“This morning the window blew its glass onto my face. Real morning with pluses and minuses, my symbols for truth”

Under the Atmosphere (2014, 16mm, 14:00)
Filmed on the Central Florida “Space Coast”, site of NASA’s launch pads. Dormant spacecraft, arcane text, activated landscape, and the surface of the image work towards a future-past shot reverse shot



Half Human, Half Vapor (2015, 16mm, 11:00)
This project began out of a fascination with a giant sculpture of a dragon attached to a Central Florida mansion. The property had recently been left to rot, held in lien by a bank. Hurricanes washed away the sculpture.

I learned about the artist who created this landmark, Lewis Vandercar (1913-1988), who began as a painter. His practice grew along with his notoriety for spell-casting and telepathy.

Inspired by Vandercar’s interest in parallel possibility, I combined these images with text from local newspaper articles in a haunted-house film that both engages with and looks beyond the material world.

…preceded by a selection of artifacts by others that informed the making of the film:

The Screaming Skull (1958, Super 8, 9m) directed by Alex Nico

Rhythmus 21 (1923, 16mm, 3m) by Hans Richter

Jackie Vernon’s Classic Slideshow Routine (1981, Video, 5m) performed by Jackie Vernon

Lewis Vandercar Memorial (excerpt) (1989, Video, 5m) Tradewinds West Video Productions

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